I have been helping with Medicare for ten (10 ) years. I represent several companies.
Understand your Medicare choices.

You will need Part A and Part B. Part "A" is Hospital coverage and Part "B" is Medical Services (Doctor)

You have two options:

Option One:
  • Medicare Supplement ( Medigap) helps pay some of the out of pocket costs with Original Medicare Medicare Part "D" helps with Prescription Drugs.

Option Two:
  • Medicare Advantage is offered by private insurance companies and combines Part "A," Part "B" and Part "D" into one plan, called Part "C".
Two ways to become eligible for Medicare. Under age 65 and qualify on a disability situation. The other way is when you reach age 65. If you are receiving Social Security benefits prior to reaching age 65, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare can be somewhat difficult to understand. I will help you find the product that is right for your situation.
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